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The press conference for the world peace and culture music festival was held in Beijing

On nov 11, the press conference of "world peace culture music festival" hosted and organized by peace culture development group was held at the great hall of the people hotel in Beijing.
               Wang fengcheng, chairman of peace culture development group co. LTD
In today's world, peace and development have become the theme of The Times, but the security threats facing all countries are increasingly complex and the threat of war is always lingering. The organic law of the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization states: "war originates in the mind of man, so it is necessary to build a barrier to safeguard peace in the mind of man". To this end, the international community and the people of the world should spend enormous human and material resources to build and promote a culture of peace worldwide, so as to educate and influence the people of all countries to love and strive for peace. 
Choice on November 11, says Mr Wang Fengcheng held a press conference of "the peace of the world culture festival", because today is the anniversary of the armistice in 100 the first world war ", in order to implement the series of speech on peace culture spirit, the Chinese people love peace of mind, to the streets in the world, and for the people of the world to understand the good will of the Chinese people's longing for peace. At the same time, in order to guide all countries to abandon wars, not to suppress, not to plunder, to use science and technology to the vast space to resources, to develop space, in the depths of the idea of building a community of Shared future for mankind really set up the concept.
          News conference live media interview chairman wang
Music has no borders. This music festival not only takes music as an important means to connect the world, but also makes great efforts to create "world peace culture music festival", a golden sign of the cultural industry, so that the songs of peace will be sung all over the world from China. At the press conference, the "world peace culture music festival" main creative team introduced the "world peace culture music festival" strong lineup and music festival highlights, and answered questions from the reporter.

Questions from reporters at the press conference  
The festival will start its global tour in 2019, with xi 'an as the first stop, followed by performances in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, guiyang and jinan. In addition, the festival will also go abroad, performing in Moscow, vancouver, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and many other countries, truly go abroad, sing the song of peace in the world. The theme of "world peace culture music festival" is distinctive, with various forms, strong lineup and rich content. Each music festival's performance has the first-class star and the well-known artist of each region and each country to participate in, also has the strong local characteristic program performance. Music festivals around the site will also join different dining at the same time, tourism, exhibition, and many other art activities, let everybody feel real outstanding music festival, really realize the colorful music journey, in order to arouse peoples consciousness of peace, peace together singing melody, consciously make greater contributions to safeguarding world peace.